Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wedding theme ~ Vintage garden party

Vintage garden party weddings are quite popular at the moment and can be a relitivly inexpensive wedding to put on. Brides to be are visiting charity shops and are buying up all those pretty cups and saucers and plates. There is no need for everything to match etc. The shapes, colours and mix all add to the ambiance of yesteryear.Plain pastel coloured table cloths look great when piled with a myriad of colours and shapes. Sheeting can be purchased in many pastel colours and can then simply be hemmed with wonda web (an iron on product)

Food can be served from cake stands and sandwich plates like this one from Laura Ashley. Old roses are a must along with peonies, lilys and other old style flowers. You can even grow your own flowers in your garden.

These flowers are from eufloristonline.com

Handmade bunting can be hung around the venue like this eclectic mix from Cloth Ears

These stunning bridesmaids aew all dressed in vintage pastel dresses, but each one is different, but are clearly bridesmaids with their matching pastel flowers.

Pastel accentuated jewellery and tiaras can be created to suit your scheme and colours.
these are available from www.crystalvelvet.co.uk


  1. It is a beautiful design for a wedding. Your photos for this post capture the charm of such an event so well. Thanks for sharing.
    Holly @ hip weddings

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    I am visiting to give you the Sunshine Blog award!
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  3. I love the bridesmaids pictured in all their different dresses - gorgeous.

  4. Your pictures are just breathtaking. They really capture the emotion of a happy day. Thank you for becoming a follower.

  5. I love the Bridesmaid dresses!!! Does anyone know where they are from/who made them please?!?!

  6. This is exactly what I want my wedding to be!! :] Everything is perfect!


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