Saturday, 23 January 2010

Muted tone colour scheme ~ dusky pink and dusky turquoise

This picture is the inspiration behind a colour scheme for a wedding. The muted colours offer a clamness and serenity. They are gentle and yet bold and striking. The susky antique pink of the lounger is perfectly in ballance with the muted turquoise tones. The colours are not pastel tones, they don't contain white. they are instead toned down from their deepness by the use of contarasting colour (see the post below)

How can the scheme be incorporated into a wedding?

The bridesmaids dresses will be made from this stunning fabric. It's a two tone fabric which means that the fabric has light reflecting qualities woven into it. the reflection of the light brings pink tones and turquiose tones rather like the use of a metalic paint on a car.
The two tones in the bridesmaid dress fabric dictate the actual colours for all items for the wedding but the closest I get without having the fabric in my hand is:
The invitations are gunmetal grey and can be tied into the wedding with use of an appropriate turquise oranza ribbon bow. The chairs could also be dresses with orgnaza ribbon ties in the turquoise colour.

Flowers and accessories should be taking the pink tones. These beautful muted pink roses from are perfect. The ivory tioes in with the bridal dress. The freen foliage could be directed to be a more sage (muted green) although the green would be fine.
Accessories can also be worn that take the muted pink tones. The Swarovski cryatal bracelet has the same pink toned beads as accents.

The same beads are built into this tiara band.
Again, the dusky pink is highlighted with this side comb fascinator piece.
Hope this helps you with your beautiful themed wedding colours, Can't wait to see the photos!

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