Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mother And Daughter Unite in Wedding Businesses

I have long been an admirer of the work of Polymer Clay artist Pauline Chrisiansen. Her wedding figurines can be created to look just like the real life brides and grooms, right down to the outfits. This is achieved by working form Photographs supplied by you.
Pauline is also able to sculpt those things in your life that have great importance to you, your pets or motorbike for example.
Having known many couples who have used Pauline's services, I can thoroughly recommend her work and service. Her web site which has an extensive selection of previous work for you to browse through is
Now when one of Pauline's daughters Joanne, fancied a change of direction, it seemed an obvious direction for who to follow her mum into the wonderful world of weddings.
Joanne has obviously inherited her mum's creative talents.
Joanne has designed these wonderful ranges of wedding favours which are available filled with fillings of your choice.
Joanne is able to adjust decoration and colour to suit your requirements

To see further details then currently they are available though Paline's site. The direct link is


  1. I've been amazed by Paulines work for a while now and Joannes work looks gorgeous too!

  2. I am throwing a 'Honeymoon' shower this Saturday for my niece... I have to show her your blog....great great ideas..thanks


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