Thursday, 14 May 2009

Favours ~ Crystal Velvet

These favours are a favour that is suitable for both the women and men in your wedding party.
Traditionally five almonds were handed to the women in the wedding party. This was to symbolise
and fertility

These beautifully wrapped favours contain five insence sticks that are available in a choice of fragrances.
They are wraped and embellished to match your theme and colours.

The inner wrapper containing the sticks is designed with your names, date of your wedding and a greeting.

The favours make a beautiful accessory to the table or can be placed in a basket to be handed out personally to the guests.
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  1. I love how you added the charms to the outside fo the wrapping. I like to put ornaments on the outside of my Christmas presents as well. Use a true ribbon to fasten the ornament and wa-la. I love it because it looks so nice and it is so simple. :)


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