Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Crunch ~ Wedding Cakes ~ make, bake and decorate

The cost of wedding cakes is another huge expense to add to the cost of the wedding. Prices range from a couple of hundred up to several hundred depending on the style, number of tiers etc required.
One way to save money with the cake is to ask talented friends or family members to create the cake for you.

This stunning cake was created for the wedding of David and Katherine of Wedding Chaos fame.
David's mother made the cake and his auntie decorated it making it a really special feature of their wedding.
David said,
"Whilst it obviously saved money, that was not the reason - it just didn't make sense to go elsewhere when we could get exactly what we wanted from Mum and Aunty."

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  1. I love cakes, especially unique wedding cakes that are as beautiful as the one pictured above. It has just enough detail, but not too much that it overwhelms you.

    Thanks for sharing!



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