Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Crunch ~ Wedding Cakes ~ decorate and assemble

Following on from the previous post (below) where we featured cakes made and decorated by family and friends, this post is dedicated to another method of saving money with wedding cakes.
The cake above is one of Asda's range of cakes ready iced in simple white smooth icing, designed to be assembled as a wedding cake and decorated by you.
Asda's cakes are fruit cake and come in three sizes: Large, medium and small.

Large £13.48 22.5cms
medium £7.38 18.5cms
small £6.48

Marks and Spencers also do a range of ready iced cakes (seen above assembled and decorated)
They offer more choice and options. You can select white or ivory icing.

Extra Large: sponge cake: £38.00 / fruit cake £55.00 27.5cms

Large: sponge cake £25.00 / Fruit cake £38.00 22cms

Medium: sponge cake £12.00 / Fruit Cake £22.00 15.5cms

The examples above and below are Jac's cakes decorated and assembled by herself, using M&S cakes.

coloured ribbons, flowers, ornaments etc can be added to personalise the cakes giving you a unique and amazing cake to be proud of.

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