Monday, 9 February 2009

Crystal Velvet ~ Swarovski Crystals

Who could fail to love the sharpness and clarity of Swarovski crystals. they are the perfect bridal crystal!
Swarovski was started by Daniel Swarovski who following a two year apprenticeship created and patented a crystal cutter in 1892. he then realised that this prized invention should be secret and so he moved his company near to a water source in Wattens, Tyrol.
Swarovski still create the most verstile crystals and have an astounding range of colours available (they are constantly updateing and creating more colours ofr the range.
The famous AB (aurora borealis ~ after the northern lights) was developed in colaboration with Christian Dior in the 1950's and continues to be a favourite to this day.
The secret to Swarovski crystals being so effective for sparkle is that the cut of the facets is so sharp and smooth there is no need for the crystal to be returned to the heat. the cut therefore remains sharp whereas most crystals created elsewhere are returned to the heat to remove imperfections resulting from the cutting process that they loose the sharpness of edge.

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