Sunday, 8 February 2009

Crystal Velvet ~ Fresh Water Pearls

Fresh water pearls are the afordable option to sea grown pearls. The are formed in bi - valve shell fish.
Naturally, the bivalve shell fish would sometimes create a pearl. The pearls are grains of sand or irritant that has got into the shell. The creature coats the sand with a substance and continues to coat in successive layers.
If nature was left to provide the worlds pearls independantly, then there would be a significant shortage as not ever shell produces pearls.
Most pearls are now created in a controlled environment. Laboratory staff graft substances into the shells (about 15 per shell).
Once the pearls are produced to the correct size, they are removed and bleached before being dyed (or left natural) and then they are polished with wax and cornstarch.
Fresh water pearls come in a wide variety of colours shapes and sizes and are the perfect jewel accent for the bridal creations.


  1. that i so interesting. i love freshwater pearls and my jewellery normally has one or two hanging! thank you for sharing.

  2. Very interesting blog! I love pearls, they were one the the themes I had at my own wedding


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