Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Tiara Styles ~ Crystal Velvet (part 2)

The Tiaras featured on todays post can all be created in different colours etc.

This Tiara is formed from a continuous length of wire . Accents are added using pale pink fresh water pearls and clear AB Swarovski Crystals. The informal style looks great with "put up" hair styles.
These Lucite beads are created in a kibutz in Israel. They are stunning and have a slight AB coating which enhances the look of the tiara. Glass pearls in assorted sizes are piles into this dense design. The height is approx 1"

This is a slightly more adventurous version of the last tiara. The inforamlity is stronger and delica beads take more of a feature. This tiara is approx 2" high.

This Tiara is created with hematite, swarovski crystals, and glasss pearls.
The tiara has a raised crown and looks stunning with a sleek bun style hair.
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