Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I'm 40! ~ Jewellery give away

Today is my 40th birthday and in celebration I am giving away a stunning necklace and earrings created with hematite and fresh water pearls.

Simply leave a comment on this post or email your interest. (email available through my profile)

This style of jewellery is available through

The winner will be randomly drawn next wednesday at noon.


  1. Very Happy Birthday to you!

    Lovely jewellery, aren't you the one who is meant to get pressies not the other way round?

  2. Happy birthday from me too!!!!

    Ow that jewellery would look great for my 41st in June!!

  3. i hope you had a lovely day today hun and great night out tonight with hubby,a very happy birthday to you.i hit the big 30 in 2 weeks so i know how you feel lol .xxxx


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