Monday, 12 January 2009

Perfectly Coordinated Weddings ~ Crystal Velvet

Any bride will tell you that planning a wedding and aiming for perfection takes a lot of time energy and work.
Most brides aim for a coordinated look, but gether bits from here and other items from there.
Wouldn't it be so much simpler to arrangea package with one designer so that everything will be perfectly coordinated and there'd be only one designer to talk to.

At Crystal Velvet, we are able to create many products with perfect coordination and you can put together a package that fills your exact requirements. Basically the more you order, the greater the discounts.
Below are examples of products that can be coordinated.
Hair items such as Combs, Pins etc.

Our range of bridal favours can be decorated to coordinated (inscence, soaps, bath bombs)

Beaded Cake Toppers

Invitations, Menues, Orders Of Service, Thank you cards etc

Beaded Bookmark Favours

Bag Charm Favours

Wine Glass Charms

Napkin Rings

Tiaras and jewellery.

All items are avilable through
Don't forget to enter our competition to win a beaded watch

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