Friday, 9 January 2009

In Celebration of my 3000th post on The crafts Forum

In celebration of my 300th post of The UK Crafts Forums I am offering one of my handmade watches as a giveaway. Created with Swarovski crystals the watches can be created in any colour or size (examples of the watches can be found in an earlier post)
To be in with a chance of winning the watch simply leave a comment on this post.
the winner will be picked at random on friday the 16th January at noon and the winner will be contacted then to find their colour choice and size requirements.
The Crafts forum is an excellent place to discus and learn about crafts. Crafts discuseed range from jewellery making, yarn crafts, fabric crafts, wood crafts, painting,, glass work and many many more. Why not come and take a look.
To avoid confusion: I am known as Beadsbydesign on the forum!


  1. Well done on 3000 posts - now please let it be me please let it be me please let it be me.



  2. Congratulations on reaching the 3000 posting mark


  3. Congratulations on 3000 posts. That takes a lot of work in addition to making these fab watches!

  4. Whooopie!!! Congratulations darl. 3000 posts is fantastic. xxx pepsi

  5. Many, many congratulations, something I aspire to-3000 posts.

    Well done. I also love your jewellery

  6. wow, well done you! and gorgeous jewellery, love the circlets!

  7. Well done to you! It is alway nice to see your posts on the Craftforum.


  8. I'll repeat what I said on the forum - blabbermouth!!!

  9. god, you ARE a blether! ha ha. Im only on a coupld of hundred! Must post more must post more.

    Well, im going for the symapathy vote. My car was stolen yesterday and it was a beautiful nissan figaro! Im totally gutted and need some cheering up in the form of a new watch! he he

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  11. Congrats blabbermouth!! :D hehe

    Your work is simply stunning! The favors are so beautiful and original.

    ~Buffy x x

  12. The winner of the watch is Mavida who has been contacted through the crafts forum.


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