Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The meanings of flowers

These beautiful flowers are from Power Flowers
based in Cottingham near Hull east Yorkshire. Helen offers a variety of services in the floral industry and has a great web site
When a bride chooses her flowers, the thoughts behind the choices are normally linked with colour choice. This season has seen the cala lilly come to the fore with it's magestic trumpet form blooms standing proud in some very modern arrangements.

in victorian times the colour of the flowers meant a lot less. The victorians were obsessed with the language of flowers, the secret meanings behind bouquet or posy.

In my own posy I had fresias, singapore lillys, carnations (all in ivory tones) and variagted ivy fronds.

I chose the flowers because my mum loves fresias and the scents are amazing, whilst I like the other two. The ivy was a continued theme through my wedding.

In victorian flower language my posy would have said

"freesia ..... spirited

carnation .... rememberence

singapore lilly ..... enthusiasm

ivy ....... fidelity "

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