Saturday, 6 August 2011

Something Old ~ The Dress

This Dress is 127 years old when it was worn for it's latest wedding, that of the great great grandaughter of the first wearer.
The first wearer of the dress was Allison's paternal great-great-grandmother, Nellie Campbell,when she married A.G. Shellito in 1884 in Iowa.
The next outing was 
when Jean Lawman married Nellie's grandson, John Shellito in Iowa on December 26th 1941.
Allisons aunt Barbara Shellito of Boston also wore it, when she wed Jean's son Paul on July 12th 1975 in Wichita, Kansas.
Then Allison’s mum Mimi Balazs Shellito wore it when she got married in 1982 to Jack, now 58.
Allison would love it if when she has a daughter that her daughter would wear it when she marries.  For that reason and with the dress being of such sentimental value, for the reception, Allison changed into another dress.

(Story from The Daily Mail)

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  1. the dress is so amazing, I think may people will want to have a look if you put them in facebook album


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