Wednesday, 27 April 2011

BT Wedding ~ A Love Story ~ Vintage Tiara Style

 We've watched as two people embark on a relationship, we've watches as they got to know one another, met the family, moved in together, were seperated by work, had their up's and downs and now finally we see them marry in a truely beautiful wedding. 
 The wedding is ased around the vintage feel and is styled so beautifully.  Jane's tiara is a style that looks very flattering and stylish on dark hair.  It's encrusted with beads and crystals and sits on the side of the head.
Thisis my version of the BT Tiara.  I've also excentuated the tiara band with aditional crystals and added fresh water pearls.  This tyle of tira can be created in any colour you want, with or with out the band detailing.  It's available HERE.

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