Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Royal Wedding

So after much anticipation, the date of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be held on Friday 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey.


  1. Yes, we now know the date and they are telling us we are to have a day's holiday - however what they aren't saying is that it actually falls during the Easter holidays in any case so anyone with children will probably be going away on holiday in any case. Bad choice of date in my opinion just after Easter weekend.

  2. I must just add to my previous comment because I have now discovered that as Easter is late next year the schools in fact break up on Friday 8 April and don't return until Tuesday 26 April (my son's college returns on Wednesday 27th!), then we get Friday 29th off for the Royal Wedding and then Monday 2 May is May Day Bank Holiday. So we are doing better than I thought, we have most of April off, plus wedding day and May Day almost all together, then of course have half term from Monday 30 May until Friday 3 June. Wow - before you know it Summer will be here and I thought it was almost Christmas!!!

  3. It is going to be a beautiful wedding.

  4. I wonder if Kate will wear flowers in her hair and them come out from the vestry with the Lover's Knot Tiara? I'll be watching the wedding for sure!

    Deanna :D


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