Friday, 22 January 2010

Wedding Dresses ~ Royal Weddings

Princess Annne and Captain Mark Philips

Growing up, I'd not really thought about wedding dresses much. As a child I'd attended very few weddings and those that I had were quite budget affairs. I remember going with my mum round to a friends house to watch princess Annes wedding, but being unimpressed as "she didn't look like a princess"

Then on 29th July 1981 I fell in love with wedding dresses, as Lady Diana, (The late Princess of Wales) alighting from the carriage with a beautiful ivory dress that just kept coming and coming. there was so much of it. It was every girs princess dress. Infact it was so different to anything I'd seen, both in colour (the antique ivory) and style (puffball meringue!).

Prince Charles and Diana

At this point I knew in my mind exactly what style of dress I would choose, but being so young I'd have to wait and wait!
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
The next wedding I remember clearly was Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. Sarahs dress was beautiful. Far more understated than Diana's, but with the same glorious rich toned ivory. I l loved the bodice with it's lace detailing and the fabric roses detail. Sadly I don't think the dress ever got the recognition that Diana's had. Sarah was never able to court the public following that Diana did.

Prince Andrew and Sophie Rease Jones
Sophies dress was simple but elegant and her Diana like looks suited it well. To me, the top didn't seem to fit well as though after her fnal fitting she'd lost more weight.

Peter Philips and Autumn Kelly
Another stunning dress with beautiful little lace bolero. I loved the whole styling of this wedding with the sage toned bridesmaids. Simple and ellegant!
Forty years of Royal weddings in my life time has seen such a diversity and development of style. Wonder hat the next royal wedding dress will be like?

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