Thursday, 17 September 2009

Don't Tell the Bride ~ Could you?

The BBC are currently running their third series of "Don't Tell the Bride", a programme in which the engaged couple sign a legally binding contract in the prescence of a soliciter to say that they will not have any contact in the run up to their wedding. The couple then separate and the groom is given £12,000 along with the responsibility to arrange everything for the wedding:
favours etc.
Watching the programme brings full range of emotions:
Laughter ~ at some of the shocking ideas the grooms come up with.
Shock ~ normally associated with the bridal wedding dress selection. ( you also see the bride window shopping for her ideal dress, venue etc.)
and there is always the need for a box of tissues as everything works out so perfectly in the end.
Quite often though the brides are heard to say "i just couldn't stand XXX coloured bridesmaids dresses" only to see the groom selecting that very colour. And in the end the brides are incredibly chuffed with how things look.
I really don't think I' have ever been happy enough to let my other half select the items alone for our big day. Many of the aspects of my own wedding had been meticulously thought through whilst a young girl. It's quite something to say "it's over to you" and trust that things for your big day will be exactly as you want them to be.
Don't tell the bride is available to watch through BBC i player (for the next few weeks) Don't forget the tissues!

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