Sunday, 30 August 2009

A New Wedding Ring

19 years ago I went into a little jewellerys in the town of Kingston upon Thames to purchase wedding rings with my fiance. Neither of us knew what we would choose until a small selection was laid out in front of us. We both chose beaded edge rings and had them made to fit.
It wasn't until sometime later that we discovered that my ring fitted snugly like a jigsaw piece into my husbands. It was really special to us.
Over the years, my ring has become worn, scratched and even sports a stunning gash in it from where I caught it on a door frame and nearly pulled my finger off. But it's symbolism of never ending love continues to be comfort and joy to me.
Why am I telling you this? Well this summer whilst holidaying in Norfolf, I sat on the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying a lunch of french stick and goats cheese when a wasp came along and managed to get squashed under my arm. In anger it lashed out and stung me. I cannot begin to tell you how shocked and shaken I was. It then seemed that every wasp in he area decided tojoin the asault. Hurridly we gathered our possesions together and left the beach to return to the car. I was nearly crying with the pain, but knew we had a bottle of vinegar in the car to treat the sting.
I have a habbit of playing with my ring with my thumb when I'm anxious or bored and when half way up the hill I went to do this I discovered to my utter horror that the ring was missing. The day was not turning out how I imagined it would.
My ring didn't turn up. We went into Cromer to the information centre and were directed to a small jewellers called Bond Street Jewellers where a charming gentleman showed us te array of rings. The choice was so much greater than the few basic styles I'd chosen from all those years ago. In the end I settled for a shiney 9k gold plain 6mm ring.
I miss my old ring, but I have to say it's quite niccce to have a new ring and I have the perfect excuse to go shoving it under peoples noses saying "look at my new ring!"
As for the wasp sting, I have to say that I have full sympathy for anyone that ever gets stung, it hurts like crazy!

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  1. Oh no! I'd be so sad if I lost a ring that was that special to me. I'm sorry about the bee sting. I have a serious phobia of bee's. I've never been stung before (my bf has been stung by a wasp before, he said it burns like hell and your skin swells).

    Nice new ring though.


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