Wednesday, 26 August 2009

For an August Bride

When Catherine walked into my work room with her mum and her cute little baby, it was having only spoken to her briefly on the phone and in passing at the farmers market. I knew only a smigin of facts about her wedding eg venue and date.
Her mum had a stunning set of fresh water pearls she'd bought at Bentalls (a upmarket department store in Kingston upon Thames) as a young woman. These were going to be leant to Catherine as her "something borrowed"
When her mum said where she'd bought the pearls we realised that I'd actually lived very close to her childhood home in the past and could actually picture the houses she'd grown up in. These sort of small things make a really special bond.
I'd laid lots of sample tiaras out on the table, but Catherines eye fell imediatly on the freshwater pearl tiara and when she put it on it was perfect. The gold tones of the metal accented the gold flecking in her hair and the structure looked perfect. That was it, easy and perfect!

Catherine's bridesmaids were going to be wearing red and so we selected one of the many red toned crystals produced by Swarovski and settled on the classic Light siam colour (bright red)
This along with clear crystals with an AB coating and freshwater pearls to tie in with Catherines necklace were used for earrings, necklace and also the tiara bands.
(and don't worry, the earrings show two sizes of freshwater pearl.. not a pair!)

The tiara bands were to be alice band style and they complimented the bridesmaids hair styles.

I then created a freshwater pearl bracelet for Catherine to finish off her outfit.

I'm hoping to have some photos of the day to share with you soon.
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