Friday, 1 May 2009

What I love about weddings .....

I started my working life in the caring professions: nanny, nurse and then childminder, I then took hold of the creative part of me that had never been harnessed and trained as an interior designer. The fact that I am now working with beads, jewellery and tiaras was simply because someone asked "can you make me a ..." the day I made my first set of jewellery for a wedding was great. The buzz was huge and then seeing the photo's of a radiently happy bride wearing my jewellery was amazing.

Weddings are such happy occassions. I spend a lot of time "talking weddings" on a forum called Wedding Chaos where I love to see peoples plans unfold.

The amount of planning that goes into a wedding is vast. I got married 18 years ago and it was before the internet was buzzing. You simply used the practices that you had seen other people use. The invitations were mass produced designs that you chose from an album at your local stationers and your favours were almonds in net (the same as everyone elses) My whole wedding was planned and exacuted in four months.

Now a days you can put so much individuality into a wedding. It's almost an art form where you can embrace design and run with it.

Having a bride come for a meeting is so wonderful or to talk to them on the phone or through email. They exude happiness and it's infectious. You want to do your utter best for them. To create someting so perfect that will enhance their day and add to the overall magic.
I can honestly say thay on the day my brides marry I spend the day buzzing with excitement for them. I'm on tenderhooks waiting to see the photos and hear form them about how their day has gone. I have made so many friends who began as my brides.

Thank you to everyone who shares their wedding with me!


  1. I am trying to throw an elegant shower next week for my niece.. There will be 40 of her friends... and I have no idea what to serve except fruit and champagne....

    You have been tagged by
    with a link to your page. It's a fun little game.

  2. Thank you for Tagging me Kelly. I'm going to move it onto my Creative and faithful blog rather than respond on this one.
    With regards to the shower (I'm not actually 100% sure what one is coz we don't have them in the uk.) I'm guessing it is a party though. I love the champagne and fruit idea.
    I'd also serve little indian delicacies like samosas etc. A few weeks ago I did a credit cruch weddings about self catering. There were lots of lovely ideas on there.
    At the moment I'm also seriously into goats cheese with mini dips.
    Hope the party goes well. I'll look forward to reading about it on your blog.

  3. Love the great ideas -- not just for weddings! -- I find when I visit here. Thanks!


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