Thursday, 23 April 2009

East Riding Weddings ~ Sugarcraft of Hull

Whilst standing in the queue at the building society a few days ago I looked out the window to see a store I'd not seen before. As soon as the cashier had finished, I was across the street and looking into the window at the most amazing range of cakes, some celebration and some wedding.
The skill and beauty of the range of cakes were amazing. My personal favourite was a tower of individual cupcakes. What made them extra special were the cups that they were displayed in. Each cup had a cutout filigree edging.
I would love to show you more.

The shop itself is laid out very professionally and has everything you could possibly want for choice in flavours, colours etc. It also stocks ribbons and other cake decorating items.
Have a look at the amazing creations on the website:


  1. Looking at your wedding photos and cakes wants me to get married all over again. I loved my wedding day and would do it again tomorrow.

  2. me too. I got married 18 years ago before the www was around. How I'd love to arrange a wedding today!

  3. Cakes are beautiful. Wish I had a party!


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