Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Beach Weddings ~ Bare Foot Sandals ~ Crystal Velvet

When couples decide to get married abroad and opt for a beach weddding, their choices of traditional wedding outfits can be affected. Hot climates and full morning suits or top hat and tails becomes impractical. Wedding dresses with long trains etc simply wouldn't work and neither do many of the wedding shoes available with their fine heals.
Many brides in this situation would opt for barefoot, but this sometimes feels a little underdone.
The option of Barefoot sandals gives a hint of glamour and style in this situation whilst allowing the practical approach of bare foot.
Using crystals, pearls and glass beads, the sandles are created to order in either elaborate or simple styles. They fasten at the heel and loop over the second or third toe depending upon your own preference.Colour choice is totally flexible and can be perfectly matched to your outfit.
These barefoot sandals are not only suitable for weddings, but also any occassion or holiday requirement.
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  1. Just love these shoes. Fantatic idea

  2. these are fantastic, have you ever thought of pitching these ideas towards asian weddings, as the bride wears lots of jewellery and these would be great accompliment for a Mendi event. (this is where before the wedding the bride gets henna painted on her hands and she sits at a podium)would look great in photos.

  3. I love these! I'd wear them on a normal summer day, not just for a wedding. They're fantastic! You should market these big time!!!


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