Thursday, 5 March 2009

New Series ~ The Crunch

With the current financial climate effecting most things in life at the moment, I've been thinking about how weddings will and are being affected.

Loss of jobs, low interest on savings and general fear of the future are all affecteing the wedding markets.

In recent months there have been stories of every brides worst nightmare....... The dress store going bust ...... A recent closure in the North of England saw brides in tears outside a shop that had closed down. Happily, in the end many of those brides got their dresses, but it does make you think. Perhaps wedding insurance is a necessary thing at the moment.

Over the next few posts i'll be investigating how people have become resourseful over their wedding plans, how creativity has developed and how friends and families have stepped in to help.

I'll be looking at Transport, Catering, Outfitting, Dressing, Stationary and other issues.

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