Friday, 13 March 2009

Flower Tiara ~ Crystal Velvet

I recently decided to extend my range of head wear to include floral offerings. These stunning soft touch roses are placed on a bead encrusted barrette clip. The picture has made the roses look far more yellowy toned than the actual ivory that they are.

Pearl and crystal picks accent the flowers. The same style can be created using other colours and styles of flowers.

I then went on to develop the idea further and have created the tiara with the roses and an intricately encrusted band with delica beads and small pearls.

Again, this basic style of flower tiara can be created in any flower / colour to suit your scheme.

These tiaras can also be developed into more of a fascinater.
available through Crystal velvet. or email in the profile.


  1. What a pretty idea, the tiara looks lovely. If only I was to be a blushing bride again.


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