Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Crunch ~ Table Decorations

Photo by: Niddler
Rose petals and table confetti
Todays post is dedicated to ideas for centre pieces for your wedding. The selection shown all have relitely easy to find items such as glass vases, flowers, and fruit. You can select flowers or fruits to match your scheme or colour. The vases can then be given to people as gifts.
Stores such as Au Natral and home bargains and even pound land are great places to hunt out the relitively cheap componants. By using silk flowers the arrangemnts can be made in advance of the day.
Photo by: Annie B's Art
Lavender in a Terracotta pot.
Gerbers tied arouns a sphere vase containing a candle. Placed on mirror tile.
Photo by qqf crochet
Glass vase with water, limes and a flower
Photo by: Ashleigh Von Darling
A mirror tile, small glass tea light holders and a small central vase and gerbera flower look stunning.


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