Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Church Weddings ~ Hymn and music choice.

With civil ceremony's being lisenced for all sorts of venues, the "church wedding" numbers have reduced. Some couples still opt for a church ceremony even though they may not be regular church attenders.
In many cases they will be required to attend Pre -wedding courses run by the minister, vicar or priest. Regular church attendance may also be a requirement for being married in the church.

Choosing music and readings for those services can be awkward. Singing songs of praise to God is very much part of the Christian wedding ceremony and at very least two hymns or modern worship songs will be required.

A church wedding where only a couple of people including the vicar join in the singing can be acutely awkward and leave the bride and groom squirming in full view of everyone.
One way to avoid this is to choose hymns with well known tunes. Examples of this are: the tune: land of hope and glory tune with the words "Glory in the highest", or the tune I vow to thee my country with the words "o God beyond all praising" These examples are really rousing tunes that people will readily join in with.

Examples of suitable tunes and words for weddings can be found here

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