Monday, 2 February 2009

Wedding Theme ~ Fairy Tales

What girl growing up doesn't at some time fantasise about "the fairy tale wedding" I know I certainly did. As a child I loved the illustrations in a fairytale book with images of flowing gowns, fairy wings and white doves.......
Some people go on to theme their wedding day around this special theme and this post is devoted to some styling ideas for "The Fairy Tale wedding"
Headdress by Mostly flowers
Ivy is always seen in fairy tale illustration coiling up castle walls leading the eye to the beautiful princess peering from the window.

Flower girls dressed up as little fairies with stunning coloured dresses to match the beuatiful autumn tones.

"Birdcake Fairytale Wedding Cake"

Fantastic cake by Maisie Fantaisie, a Uk based company run by May Clee-Cadman.

The cake is decorated with doves (symbols of peace and love) and stunning cake jewellery with jewel detailing.

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