Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sarah ~ My Valentine Bride

It is always great to get follow up from "my brides" especially when it involves photos!

On Valentines weekend a bride who has become a friend married her partner Rob at a ceremony at the Mill Forge in Gretna Green. I have just received some photos to share with you.


Sarah's Tiara
Sarah's Jewellery

Bridesmaids tiaras

I'm so pleased that the day went well and Sarah and her family had a really special time.
Wishing them a "happily ever after!!"

Tiaras and jewellery in this style can be ordered through or by contacting me on my email (through profile)


  1. Sarah look gorgeous ....
    thank you for the follow we are so happy to have such a diverse group- surrounding us ..

    just stunning ...

    we hope you see some sunshine tomorrow..

    all our love
    mona & the girls

  2. Fabulous pictures! I especially love the tiara. How beautiful.
    My cousin was married at Gretna Green. I seem to recall someone that it's the place known in Scotland for couples who'd elope. How romantic!

  3. Hi Karen
    In the past, couples used to elope to Gretna to marry as the laws in Scotland were different to those in England and you didn't need to serve notice of intent to marry and you could marry without your parents permission.
    gretna was the first town over the scottish border and therefore where couples aimed for.

  4. Oh my - what a gorgeous tiara! I didn't have anything except fresh orchids in my hair on my wedding day, but had I seen your tiaras, I would have had to have one!

  5. jacjewelry ... That is such a lovely thing to say! Thank you.


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