Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Crystal Velvet ~ Glass pearls

Following on from the series of blog posts dedicated to the componants used by Crystal Velvet, todays post is dedicated to glass pearls.
Glass Pearls are simply glass beads that are coated with a pearlised finish. They are available in a huge range of colours and are very versatile. Because they are glass bead based, the shape is more uniform than natural pearls and the holes etc are more relieable.
Most of the glass pearls used through crystalvelvet are Swarovski, but the range of colours is not as axtensive as the crystal range and therefore I sometimes use generic glass pearls.
Unlke the freshwater pearls (where the colour is dyed into the surface), the colour is purely topical so if the "pearl" is scratched hard then the colour an come away.

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