Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Crystal Velvet ~ Gemstones

The final post in the series of Componant details is all about the gemstones used in the jewellery
and tiaras.

Gem stones are naturally occuring rocks that are valued for their colour. There are hundresds of different varierties and with in those their are varients in colour.

In their rough (mined) state, the stones are dull, but after undergoing polishing with grits, the true beauty of the stone becomes apparent and the translucency is seen.

Gem stones are then presented in many ways.

Tumble stones are unshaped and can be arapped with wire or glued into position.

Chips are usually under a cm in length and are very textural and uneven and contain a hole for threading.

Facetted are bevelled on the edges and can contain a hole for threading.

Beads contain a hole for threading

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