Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bride ~ Tattoos

I've been wanting to feature brides with tattoo's for sometime now and I'm sure I'll find some more stunning examples in the future.
Bridal tattoo's are common place in India and other Asian cultures. The tattoo's there are formed with a paste of henna and are piped from papre cones onto the brides hands (and sometimes the face) as part of the preparation ceremony. Once the paste has dried it can be washed off or alternativly wrapped to make the tattooing darker.
When an indian bride marries she traditionally leaves her home to go to that of her husbands family. Whilst the tattoos remain in place, the bride is looked after and waited on by her husbands family, however once the tattoos have disappeared she then takes her place looking after her husbands family.


In western countries, until fairly recently women who had tattoos were encouraged to keep them hidden although the art form is now far more accepted and shown off. The following selection of photographs show brides displaying their tattoos proudly.

Styalised bird tattoo's

Great dragonfly tattoo

Beautiful shoulder tattoo of stars echoed in the flowers.

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