Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Alice Band style Tiaras ~ Crystal Velvet

Recently, a bride asked for a very simple crystal tiara based on the alice band style. As usual I created several tiaras and these are the results.
This first tiara (above and below) uses 6mm Swarovski crystals interspaced with smaller 4mm ones. The AB coating on the crystals enables the crystals to reflect the light from the colours around it.

The next tiara (below) is my personal favourite and the one that the bride eventually chose. it is a very heavy and substantial tiara band with three rows of crystal built into one another. it looks very organic and alsmost the way mother natures geodes look when they are opened.
this last example shows a tiara band encrusted with crystals and fresh water pearls. this would look great with a bodice with pearl detailing.

These tiaras are suitable for proms, bridesmaids andbrides as well as occasion and evening wear. they can be created to order in any colour or with further embellishments such as feather plumes etc.

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  1. I like the middle one although I like the one with the pearls too - good job I'm not getting married again as I wouldn't be able to make my mind up!!


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