Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Mocha and Fire Opal Tiara and Jewellery

I recently had a client come to see me bringing a stunning dress from Monsoon. the dress was a beautiful chocolate satin (think melted galaxy chocolate) encrusted with gold and chocolate beads.. The dress was for a prom event. It had a halter neck and the client wanted a tiara, necklace and earrings.

Swarovski have recently brought out a new colour which is the most "brown" colour to date called mocha. It was a good chance to try it out. I teamed it up with Light Colorado topaz to echo the gold. i felt it really needed a little lift and took the decision to add in some beautiful orange tones using the amzing Fire Opal (a two toned orange and topazy colour).

The halter neck meant that I had to produce something that wouldn't get mixed up with the neck tie. I chose to produce a pendant using the same crystals on a chain.

I chose to use gunmetal finished for both the tiara and jewellery.

Item's like these are available from my website and are also available to your own requirements.

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