Monday, 4 February 2008

Top of the cake

I have for some time been an admirer of Paulines creations. Pauline creates toppers to go on wedding cakes. Gone are the days of the plastic mass produced bride and groom that adorned many a wedding cake in the past. This new generation of wedding toppers are unique.

Pauline works from photographs to produce a wonderful likeness of the bride and groom and the clothing that will be worn at the wedding. (previous commissions include kilts, uniformed organisations, doctors etc.)

Pauline is also able to add children, pets, bikes, motorbikes etc. Her website shows copious quantities of her works including a skiing couple and a scuba diving couple.

The beauty with these creations is that polymer clay (a plasticised clay) lasts for a lifetime, so not only do you have a great topper for your cake, but also a memento of your day that can be handed down through the generations to come!
Pauline clients speak very highly of her "your service and product is fantastic ..."

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