Tuesday, 12 February 2008


This pearl encrusted comb is from www.crystalvelvet.co.uk

There are many types of pearls that are used in jewellery making.

Fresh Water pearls come in lots of different shapes and sizes. They are normally uneven in shape, although they still resemble a round or oval shape. They have a lovely lustre and can be dyed to many different colours. My favourites are the ivory, pale pink and baroque (dark peacocky grey)

Glass pearls: many beads are created by spraying a coloured finish on to a plain glass bead.

The quality of these beads varies imensly. Swarovski do a top quality range of these style pearls. The key to quality lies in the fact that the pearls are indiidually sprayed and dried. the poorer relations of these pearls occur when glass beads are threaded on the strings and then sprayed. the result of this is that the pearls stick together and then shed the coating aroungd the hole as they are pulled apart.

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