Saturday, 2 February 2008

Horse Shoe Wedding

One the age old traditions regarding bestowing good luck on the happy couple dates back to ancient Greece. It was widely believed that the horses foot was shaped like a crescent moon. The crescent moon was believed to bring fertility. Therfore the custom of presenting horse shoes began.

It is still believed the the horse shoe brings good luck so long as it is supported with the curve at the bottom .... turn it the other way up and the luck falls out!! (you have been warned!)

Janice had been looking for a horse shoe to present to her horse loving friend at her forth coming wedding. Feeling very dissapointed at the quality and plasticness of what was available in the shops, Janice asked a local farier to provide her with a shoe from one of her own horses.

Armed with the horse shoe and creative tallent, Janice got to work. The wedding had a highland theme, so tartan was the order of the day.

Janice hasn't looked back since. At the wedding she was aked to create three more and her business has grown from there.

Janice has a complete range of horse shoes on her web site but will also take on comissions.

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